• "Profound, deliciously controlled playing by Michael Kevin Jones."

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Colossal interpretation."

    Amadeus Magazine
  • "Michael Kevin Jones performs excellently, with taste and sobriety, his interpretation is irreproachable."

    ABC, Madrid
  • "Unique among a multitude of world class cellists."

    Pro Musica series, New York

Upcoming Events

Past Events


September 30th - Asociación Cultural Coda, Jimena de la Frontera, Spain
September 29th - Estación de San Pablo, San Pablo de Buceite, Spain.
September 23th - Hotel Riad, Tarifa, Spain.
September 23th - Soto Grande Arts Club, Cadiz, Spain.
September 16th - Open Class, Violines de Luthier, Madrid, Spain.
August 17th-20th - XXI Conciertos de la Ojeda, Palencia, Spain.
June 25th - Básilica San Miguel, Madrid, Spain.
May 11th - Culemborg, Netherlands.
April 15th - Saint Lawrence Chapel, Ashburton, UK.
April 12th - Saint Michael's Church, Perranporth, UK.


June 24th - 26th - ‘Cello focus’ workshop, Nelson BC, Canada.
March 28th - April 15th - Bachfest, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
March 18th - IERE, Calle Benificiencia 18, Madrid.
March 19th - San Germán, Madrid, Spain.
March 20th - St George's Church, Madrid, Spain.
February 28th - Coda, Jimena de la Frontera, Spain.
February 12th-13th - El Corral de la Paca, Jimena de la Frontera, Spain.
February 6th - Marbella, Spain.
February 4th - Palacio de Congresos , La Linea, Spain.


November 1 - Teatro del Arte, Madrid.
June-10th-20th - Thuringia Bach concerts, Germany.
May 30th - Toronto Bach Society, Canada.
May 25th - Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
May 20th - Kelowna, BC, Canada.
May 10th-16th - Sooke Chamber Music festival, Vancouver, Canada.
May 7th-8th - Sea to Sky corridor, BC, Canada.
April 18th-22nd - Pacific Northwest Music Festival, Canada.
April 5th-10th - In residence, IUP University Pennsylvania, USA.
April 2nd - Abergavenny Ary Center, Wales, UK.
March 25th - Cervantes Institute, Manchester, UK.
March 23rd - Christ Church , Malvern, UK.
March 19th - British legion WW1 fundraiser, Garrison Library, Gibraltar.
January 30th - Synagogue, Toledo, Spain.


November 27th - Cervantes, Vienna, Austria.
October 7th - ABC, Madrid, Spain.
August 25th - Santa Eufemia, Spain.
August 16th - Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London, UK.
August 13th - Booths bookstore, Hay on Wye, UK .
August 12th - The Tabernacle, Wales, UK.
August 8th - Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon, UK.
April 27th - May 4th -Jimena, Spain.
March 24th - Utrecht , Netherlands.
March 22nd - Ohrdruf, Germany.
March 15th - Jackobskirche, Germany.
March 13th - Neumarkt, Germany.
February 10th - British Consulate Cape town , SA.
February 8th - Darling Musical Experience Festival, SA.
February 4th - Durban friends of the music, SA.
January 20th - Montagu, SA.
January 19th - Mcgregor , SA.
January 12th - Somerset West , SA.